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Preparing for Your Colonoscopy
By Comprehensive Digestive Institute of Nevada
November 25, 2020
Category: GI Care
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Among the most critical and dreaded parts of a colonoscopy is the prep before the procedure. Failing to follow proper colonoscopy prep protocols will lead to your doctor not being able to check what needs to be checked thoroughly. In turn, this could result in a longer procedure, missed polyp, or a repeat colonoscopy procedure.

With this in mind, knowing what you can expect during the prep could make the entire process easier for you. Your gastroenterologist here at Comprehensive Digestive Institute of Nevada in our Las Vegas, NV, or Henderson, NV, office will provide specific colonoscopy prep instructions, but here’s what you can generally expect to happen.

Colonoscopy Prep: The Diet

Colonoscopy prep diet instructions differ from one doctor to another. In general, though, you’ll have to stop consuming solids for a day or two before the actual colonoscopy. This means that you’ll need to stock up on clear liquid foods. Check your doctor’s instructions for specific foods you can eat and must avoid.

Colonoscopy Prep: The Bowel Preparation

Basically, this entails cleaning out your colon, which could take up to several hours. This process typically begins the night or afternoon before the colonoscopy, according to your Henderson gastroenterologist. It won’t be done in the doctor’s office, so you’ll need to follow your doctor’s directions to a tee. As with the colonoscopy diet, doctors recommend different kinds of laxatives and, in some cases, suggest an enema for flushing out the colon.

Planning For Your Colonoscopy Prep

Now that you have some idea of what happens during the prep, below are some tips to make the prep easier before your colonoscopy in our Henderson, NV, or Las Vegas, NV, office:

  • Stock up on supplies. Make sure to have lots of Gatorade, popsicles, or Jell-O, provided that they’re not colored purple, blue, or red. You can likewise prepare clear broths.
  • Consider stocking up on medicated and soothing wipes or pads to relieve your bottom.
  • Make sure that you have ample time. Once you get started on the bowel prep, you’ll need to stay close to the bathroom. Ensure to arrange for help if you care for your children or seniors in the house.

Most importantly, while colonoscopy and prepping for the procedure might not be easy, undergoing a colonoscopy could help save your life. Take note that countless individuals pass away from colon cancer every single year. The thing is, a lot of these deaths could’ve been prevented through early detection with a routine colonoscopy procedure.

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